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The Insomniak Podcast

Mar 16, 2020

I have amazingly managed to cure my insomnia and it has literally changed my life, I found herbal tablets that I believe convert 5 HTP into something that encourages deep sleep I believe. I have had a week of waking up without feeling tired, my eyes are completely white and it makes the blue really stand out more, I'm losing all the (two lol) lines I had under my eyes and everyone is saying I look better. I don't feel tired when I wake up and am immediately awake, this is the best I have felt my whole life it's amazing. I will share more about what I have found in a video soon but it's amazing to feel this good. 

I'm at 100K subs now, have some things planned for it soon too. I'm never gonna brag about it or anything I achieve in my life ever, I'm not like that and am too real to front. I can't wait to achieve all the other things I have planned, this is nothing and only the beginning. All I want to get out of my success is know I have inspired people with depression and mental health issues to  never know they are not alone in their battles and to either cure or numb them to the pain of that, if I know I have inspired people and the next generation with that then I can die happy. Until then I have a long way to go and am excited for what is in the future, it's bright now. I love you and remember everyone who is left alone, in the darkness depressed like I was you are not alone

 أنا سعيد!!!! 


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